Canadian Bears

….this photo was taken by me (Ria) when I walked around the corner of a restaurant in Radium Hot Springs, obviously I wasn’t the only one that had a lunch break …


Welcome to my first Blog here on the CST website where I would like to share some information and videos about the various bears that you might be able to encounter here in Canada.

So let’s watch and listen to the videos below, all related to the natural habitat of either the Black Bear, the Kermode (or Spirit) Bear, Grizzly Bear and the Polar Bear!

Watch this informative and educational video about the Bear Guardians in Banff National Park to give you an idea about the intervention between the vacationers and wildlife in the parks.


next there is this great and informative video of the Grizzly Bear:

When you watch these amazing videos, you’ll understand why these remote locations are only accessible for small and private groups, with limited space available. These type of tours are not suitable for mass tourism and make sure you’re accompanied by a local and experienced expedition guide. Bears may look very sweet but don’t even consider to cuddle or play with them!




Now let’s continue with, yes, a White Black Bear, called the Kermote or Spirit Bear: I am very impressed with the work of Biologist, Naturalist and Wildlife Guide, Mr. Tim Irvin. Please have a look at Tim’s website (and blogs) about the Spirit bear and other wildlife




And last but not least, the Polar Bear:



Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Smiles, Ria

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