Indigenous Tourism Insights

We would like to “show you around” a little bit and provide you with some more Indigenous Tourism insights:


The First Nations of BC have lived here for over 10,000 years! So that is a lot of ancient history already and gives the storytellers a lot to talk about.

With over 200 distinct First Nations, BC has the greatest diversity of Indigenous Cultures in Canada, all with various histories, traditions and languages.


What to do?

Arts & Culture: think of art galleries, artists location, gift shops, museums, heritage sites, cultural centers.

Tours: these can be wildlife viewing tours, activities, excursions, fishing, hunting (licensed), hiking, gold panning, options are endless.


Where to go?

Tours can be build with itineraries throughout the six mentioned regions above and include as much places and points of interest that are always inspired by the indigenous heritage & culture.


What to taste?

Food & wines and everything related to that. From the traditional bannock and fish to the modern cuisine with an indigenous twist, there is so much out there to taste and to explore.


Where to stay?

There is a broad range of unique resorts, hotels, casino’s and other accommodations in our portfolio to work with so there is plenty of variation in size and price to choose from.