Special Interest Tours

Canada Special Tours, simply called “CST” is a company that provides a combination of Special Interest Tours, Special Needs & Accessible Travel & Tours, Tour Guidance & Special Tour Transportation.

Our main focus is to provide service to small, medium or large sized groups with a special interest.

This can be themed tours, single or senior group travel, family or corporate trips, accessible or special needs travel, with one thing in common: they need and get a customized itinerary!

We implement easier, quicker and more comfortable ways to arrange tailored tours, tour guiding & transportation that:

  • will  make accessible travelling more comfortable and relaxed
  • will increase confidence in travelling with special needs
  • will create itineraries that are tailored to each specific special interest groups
  • will be executed in the preferred language (English, Dutch, German)

When you are going on a fantastic Cruise, you might be interested in a land tour before of after your Cruise Journey. We have multiple Pre, or Post Cruise Tours available for small groups.

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