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Welcome to Ria’s Special Tour Guiding Service Page.



Thank you for your interest. My name is Ria and I’ve started “CST” last October, 2017 as my own Tour Guiding & Tour Management Company to provide Specialized Tour Guiding Services throughout Western Canada.

My Vision is to let travellers explore & experience the beautiful Nature, History, and Culture of Canada, especially with the help and support of our respected Indigenous Tourism Boards and People, our First Nations or Natives as we’d like to call them over here, because their Canadian ancient history goes back more than 10.000 years!

My Mission is to show and share the rich tratidions, diverse landscapes and the stunning nature & wildlife. This is what I’m privileged to call home, and for me it’s simply “the most beautiful place on this planet”.  After more than 30 years of travelling around the World, from Asia to Europe, North Africa and North America, I guess I’m allowed say that. My ultimate goal is to develop “CST” as a WeStern Canada RTO business and make Traveling Throughout Canada Accessible for all Travelers!!

My passion is Tour Guiding and sharing the experience and knowledge I gained while discovering Canada since 1991.

So scroll down to review some of my credentials and certifications as well as a brief overview of my experience and background as a Canadian Tour Director/Tour Manager/Tour Guide in case you need one!

This might give you a better understanding of me and my Tour Guiding Services and why I might be able to advice you further, or assist you with the creation of unique tour itineraries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you!

For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at: or give me a call at: (1) 403-465-4180



Vancouver Tourism Specialist & Member

Certified Travel Alberta Specialist (I & II) and Travel Alberta member

HelloBC Travel Trade Member

Holland America Line Graduate

Princess Cruise Commodore Certificate

Cunard Cruise Commodore Certificate

Alaska Travel Expert


Tour Guide Ria


Canada Tour Guiding history, 2009 to date:

2009-2016: Wellness Travel Global Inc. (Calgary) small group tours, German & Dutch speaking groups, Corporate Retreats & Wellness/Medical travel arrangements in South East Asia, Europe and North America

2016-2017 Kras Reizen/ TUI:  Dutch & German speaking Special Interest Groups, throughout Eastern & Western parts of Canada, South African Corporate Group etc.

2018 Canada Special Tours Inc. to date: guiding small, medium and large sized special interest groups (in 3 different languages, English, German & Dutch): freelance for various Receptive Tour Operators f.e. Jac Travel Canada. 

All inquiries and new requests are welcome!


Thank you, sincerely yours, Ria