About CST


Hello, my name is Ria Duykers, owner and director of Canada Special Tours, simply called “CST”, which is a Canadian Receptive Tour Operator, specialized in creating, organizing and operating exceptional Expeditions and Small Group Tours throughout Western Canada for the adult travelers.

We also provide TD services throughout Western Canada when schedule allows. Just get in touch in time to request and block your tour dates.

We are very excited to partner with Calgary Harley-Davdson® where we will offer customized guided 6 and 12 days motorcycle tours in Alberta. Individual rentals can be booked as well and include all insurances, preferred Harley and more…

Extraordinary Experiences

We offer personal and direct booking services. 

We create, organize and operate pre-arranged and personalized tours, available in the English, Dutch & German language for the adult travelers.

Some Special Tours can be booked directly, just ask!

Our Core Values

Our main focus is always on your safety and wellbeing while creating unique experiences. Focus is on natural, cultural & historical aspects that have a meaning, purpose, energy and positive impact.​