Accessible Tourism

This is an informative page about the possibilities for “Accessible” Travelers. Watch this wonderful video about a Special Bear, The Kermode Bear, also called The Spirit Bear!

Although this is a term that is often used for various people with special needs while vacationing, we highlight the following group of travelers:

Seniors, who want to travel on a slower pace
Mobile chair and wheelchair users who need easy access
Visual impaired travelers with special needs
Hearing loss or impaired travelers with special needs

We are determent to MAKE TRAVEL ACCESSIBLE and would be delighted to build customized itineraries for Accessible Travelers.

Explore the possibilities and get back to us to work with you on creating, organizing and operating these Exceptional and Extraordinary Experience of a Lifetime!

Here are some useful links to start with in for example British Columbia but we can help you out in other Provinces as well. Just ask!

Here we go…

Canada is working on it, here is a link that shows you that this topic is on the radar now, up to the Ministry of Tourism office. Read about the future plans, direction and developments here:
Make Travel Accessible in BC

There is always a way to make it happen right? Just connect with the right people, find the right resources and build on, and use the options and opportunities that are already available. Here is a link with some great ideas for individual or family group tours and rest assured that we have a much broader spectrum to work with in order to create the Ultimate and Unique Experience):

Another example to look at is about our Senior Tours, which are comfortable, mostly all-included and at a much slower pace than the Standard Tours. Also very suitable for the Pre-Cruise Vacationers.

We’ll just take it easy and Enjoy it All!:

Special Hot Springs Tour

Get in Touch and we’ll take it from there.