CST’s Tour Activity Level Indicator

We always have our guests in mind, aiming to accurately represent tour pacing and the activity and effort necessary to partake in a given tour. These are guidelines only.

In order to make the best personal choice, each guest should carefully study the day-by-day itinerary to decide whether the guest is individually capable of handling the various aspects.

We therefore encourage guests to check with their travel consultant during the booking process or contact our CST team for questions on the activity levels of our tours. 

Please bear in mind that by their very nature, all tours involve a certain amount of moving from place to place, regularly getting on and off various modes of transportation and navigating busy tourist sites on foot.


This tour itinerary requires a small amount of physical activity. Depending on the itinerary details, guests will need to be prepared to board a plane, bus, boat, ferry or ship. There will be some walking to rooms or cabins or restaurants and general points of interest. This may also include an occasional flight of stairs or some steps during transfers and stops.

Easy Going
Easy Going Activity Level

This tour itinerary requires light physical activity combined with shorter travel days. Activities may include an occasional city or nature walking tour, stopping along the way. Guests should be able to climb a set of stairs, walk up or down slight slopes and navigate some uneven terrain or cobblestone.

Moderate Activity Level

This tour itinerary is for guests that are prepared to walk slightly longer distances, climb stairs and tolerate periods of standing, for example on city walks, sightseeing stops or ship excursions. The daily pace and timing can fluctuate significantly between longer and shorter travel days, with additional activities possibly occurring in the early morning or evening. There may be some changes in altitude or temperatures.

Active Activity Level

This tour itinerary is for guests who should be able to walk longer distances, climb several flights of stairs and navigate steps and uneven terrain. Your itinerary can include significant changes in temperature and altitude and may require a higher number of longer travel days with morning and/or evening activities.

Very Active

Very Active

This tour itinerary is very much an on-the-go tour with a complete itinerary involving a full, normally daily program of travel, sightseeing or events and/or activities.  We would consider this our fastest tour pace and free time at leisure will be more limited, in some cases just to evenings.