Indigenous Tourism

Indigenous Tourism, where tradition & modern world  meet up.

CST is a Proud Member of  ITAC (Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada) with the aim to improve the socio-economic situation of Indigenous communities and businesses through the growth and support of Indigenous Tourism by offering Authentic Indigenous Tourism Experiences at Natural & Historical Places.

The Indigenous Culture, History and Natural Living is something to respect, to share, to explore and to experience!

CST’s goal is to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the history, cultures and special relationship that Indigenous People have with the land.

CST will include at least one Indigenous Experience in each itinerary in order to make the visitor’s experience valuable, and genuine and at the same time support the growth of Indigenous Tourism.

Storytelling and passing ancient wisdom is one of the many things we strongly advice you to explore. As the province of British Columbia has the most linguistic First Nations languages in Canada, about 34 languages with over 60 dialects, that are all part of 200 distinct First Nations. For more First Nation language related information please click here

CST takes part in conserving, restoring and presenting the history, traditions & culture of our Indigenous People

We cordially invite you to be a part of the story that they have been telling since time immemorial.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of BC’s Indigenous people in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Their Culture and Traditions and the aw-inspiring landscapes are waiting for you to explore

In the province of British Columbia alone, there are six regions to explore where our First Nations People share their information, services and facilities, all related to their history, culture & tradition, spirituality and story-telling.